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Collective Wisdom from Soul Coaches Around the World


Collective Wisdom from Soul Coaches Around the World

ISBN: 9780615290423
Published by Soul Wings® Press US$/16.95

What is your soul whispering to you?

Constant whisperings from your soul are steadily guiding you on your life’s journey—but what if you cannot hear them? For the first time, professional Soul Coaches™ have gathered from all over the globe to help you decipher these loving messages. This feast of collective wisdom will help you discover your true life direction — a life filled with deep meaning and great joy!

Discover proven techniques in Decision Making, Clutter Clearing, Collage, Vision Quest and Past Life journeying. Includes little-known Soul Coaching® secrets to assist you and your clients to live a more joyful, authentic life!

~ Learn to confront fear
~ Trust in yourself
~ Develop your intuition
~ Heal yourself and your relationships
~ Boost your business and personal success
~ Live a more adventurous and prosperous life!

Edited by Sophia Fairchild
Foreword by Denise Linn

Reviews of Soul Whispers

I was astounded at the width and depth of these journeys that these intrepid women have had in their Soul Coaching® profession. Their experiences range from a Buddhist retreat in the highlands of Thailand, to a faery quest in the Northwest wilderness, to a corporate training “with soul” in England, to past life journeys in the Scottish moors, to corporate executive miracles in Silicon Valley, to a “bad girl” rocking out in Toronto… and everything in between.

The sincerity, compassion and love that these women share in these journeys touches my heart more than words can express…. They each bring a remarkable level of balance and joy into the world with their clients and students and it is a joy to read their experiences.

I’m sure you will enjoy reading this collection of writings by professional Soul Coaches™ from all over the globe, as much as I have. Through their many voices, it’s my wish that you too may hear the whispers from your soul!

  –  DENISE LINN, author of Soul Coaching, 28 days to Discover Your Authentic Self, and Founder of Soul Coaching®

I can easily imagine myself having a coaching session seated at Barbara’s cozy kitchen table with a hot cup of tea. Or, exploring the talents of a past life with Irene. Or, bringing more soul into my work life using the methods Helen employs with the corporations she coaches.

This book represents such a diverse collection of stories and coaching styles, but in each chapter, the intent remains the same: releasing patterns that no longer serve us, engaging in life more fully and expressing our most authentic Self.

“Soul Whispers” is a gift to anyone who has stepped onto the path of inner discovery; those on a personal journey towards healing, understanding and growth.

  –  DEB SWINGHOLM, photographer, Feng Shui & Space Clearing Master Teacher

Soul Whispers shares the depth, versatility and sheer possibility of Soul Coaching as a tool that can give hope and healing to people everywhere – regardless of their personal belief system. It is an expansive and uplifting book with a beautiful mix of personal stories and technique – joyful and refreshing to read!

  –  DEBORAH REDFERN, author of Odyssey of the Heart, Paths to Wholeness through Feng Shui, Master Educator of Interior Alignment® & Soul Coach™.

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Wisdom from the Inside Out
                     BARBARA ROBITAILLE    Portland, Oregon, USA

                     SHERRIE ATAIDE    Chico, California, USA

Modern Day Alchemy
                     CAROL DAIGNEAULT    Rockport, Maine, USA

Decision Circles
                     ROBERTA ASHKAWA BINDER  Nth Carolina, USA

A Guide to Thrive for the Modern Mother
                     CHERYL UMBERGER    Lebanon, Pennsylvania, USA

                     ULRIKE BEHRE-BRANDES    Gelsenkirchen, Germany

Living a Better Life with MS
                     BERTE WINDING-SØRENSEN    Sørum, Norway

                     CATHERINE TURNER    Victoria, BC, Canada

Saying Yes to Life
                     MISASHA    Woodstock, Ontario, Canada

Journey of the Soul
                     DEBORAH JANELLE SMITH    San Ramon, California

Soul Coaching in Silicon Valley
                     WENDY SHEPPARD    Santa Clara, California, USA

Coaching the Corporate Soul
                     HELEN MUMFORD SOLE    Manhattan, NY, USA

The Bad Girl’s Soul Coach
                     KIMBERLY CARROLL    Toronto, Ontario, Cananda

Remembering Who We Are
                     IRENE SPEIRS-CASKIE    Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Soul Coaching and the Maha Satipathan Sutta
                     P.W. SERVAIS    Danville, California, USA

Feng Shui for Your Soul Journey
                     VICKY SWEETLOVE    London, England

Our Essential Nature
                     REBECCA NELSON    Warrandyte, VIC, Australia

Faery Quest – Beyond the 28 Days
                     SOPHIA FAIRCHILD    Sydney, NSW, Australia