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Angels: Winged Whispers

Angels: Winged Whispers

True Stories from Angel Experts
around the World

ISBN: 9780984593019
Published by Soul Wings® Press US$16.95

What are the angels whispering to you?

Angels are constantly whispering guidance to you – but what if you cannot hear their messages?

Take a spiritual journey with professional Angel Experts from across the globe. Learn to perceive the whispered messages and persistent nudges from your Guardian Angels, the Archangels, Animals and Faeries, all awaiting your discovery!

New techniques will help you and your clients experience the deep wisdom and loving power of the angelic realm ~ to comfort, guide, uplift and heal every aspect of your life!

Learn how to –

~ Conduct Sacred Ceremony      ~ Discover the Goddess Within
~ Transmute Negative Energy     ~ Step into the Magical Faery Realm
~ Empower your Meditations       ~ Contact Deceased Loved Ones & Pets
~ Meet your Guardian Angel        ~ Link Archangels, Crystals & Dreams

Edited by Sophia Fairchild

Foreword by Flavia Kate Peters

RELEASE DATE – April 2011

Contributing Authors ~ Cobie Andrews, Ros Booth, Denise Burant, Maryellen De Vine, Sophia Fairchild, Wendy Gabriel, Claire Jennings, De-Arne King, Debbie Kosabek, Denice Martin, Orietta Mammarella, Flavia Kate Peters, Belinda Ridley, Robyn Ridley, and Christine Schreibstein.
Reviews of Angels – Winged Whispers

“The magical pages of Angels: Winged Whispers take us through what some may deem as extraordinary stories of people who have had encounters with angels. We are introduced to various methods of working with the angels, such as sacred ceremony, working with crystals, receiving direct messages and noticing signs. Within each chapter is a wealth of delight as the writers share their own unique stories and teachings with us, so that we too may have our own very real connection with angels. So feast your eyes on this treasury of insights, stories, teachings and messages, and awaken to the miracles in your life!”

~  FLAVIA KATE PETERS, Author, Speaker, Singer, Faery & Angel Therapist®

“I was deeply touched and moved by the stories included in this collection. They are refreshingly honest, full of insight and prove that although our experiences may vary, we are all the same in our desire to feel more peace and love. If you want to be inspired, uplifted and reminded that you are never alone on this journey called life, then I highly recommend you read this book!”

  ~  ANNA TAYLOR, Recording Artist, Singer – Songwriter,
      Angel Therapist® and Theta Healing Practitioner®.

“Although written by individual authors, these vibrant stories share a communal message that illuminates the truth of how loved, protected and supported all of us truly are. This book affectionately invites the reader to notice the abundance of Divine Guidance that surrounds us constantly, lovingly reminding us that this guidance might arrive in the form of a cat, a butterfly, a stranger or an angel.”

  ~  MARK MEZADOURIAN, Angelic Ambassador of Courses, Workshops & Readings

Angels: Winged Whispers is a book about real people and real life stories that can be related to on so many levels of life. The insight given through the author’s experiences are bound to bring readers the realization that they too have received signs from “heaven” (angels, fairies and even deceased loved ones). This book is filled with messages of wonder, inspiration and speaks to your heart at a soul level.”

  ~  CINDY EYLER, Author of “Dead People in My Life.” Internationally known,
Spiritual and Transformational Journey Leader, and Founder of Light Activation Healing System®

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The Butterfly Keeper

Chatting with the Angels

Let Your Light Shine
ROS BOOTH  Perth, Australia

I Can See a Faery!
FLAVIA KATE PETERS  Newbury, Berkshire, UK

Archangels and Nature Angels
SOPHIA FAIRCHILD  Sydney, Australia

Wings of Healing
DENISE BURANT Author Interview    Saskatchewan, Canada

DENICE MARTINAuthor Interview    Melbourne, Australia

Angels In My Mist
DE-ARNE KING  Sydney, Australia

Connecting with the Goddess Within
ROBYN RIDLEY  Wagga Wagga, Aust.

Angelic Butterfly
ORIETTA MAMMARELLA Melbourne, Australia

It’s Okay to be Different

The Miracle of Three
DEBBIE KOSABEK  Regina, Canada

Angelic Dreams of Love and Guidance
BELINDA RIDLEY  Wagga Wagga, NSW, Aust.

Archangel Michael – Protection and Transmutation
CLAIRE JENNINGS  Maryborough, VIC, Aust.

Everyday Sacred Ceremony with the Angels